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The Back 9 Foundation

Teaching Golf To Those At The Turn

Integrating skills needed in golf & sobriety through the use of games & competitions

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to introduce the game of golf to men and women recovering from substance abuse to empower them to build resiliency skills, positive perspectives, unity, and enjoy their sobriety.

The Back 9 Foundation teaches the game of golf to men and women recovering from substance abuse to empower them to build resiliency skills, positive perspectives, unity, and enjoy their sobriety. We eliminate the barriers into the game by providing PGA professional"Integrating skills needed in golf & sobriety through the use of games & competitions" instruction, facilities, practice time, and equipment. We offer free classes to the sober community, and work directly with our local treatment centers to help their clients enjoy their sobriety. We provide free sets of clubs to our students and sober living homes across Orange County. We believe golf to be the greatest game there is. It is a physical, mental, and emotional game that allows you to be with nature and navigate obstacles. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to play the game.

For Individuals


In an effort to reduce the barriers into the game, we offer free classes to the sober community. We provide equipment, range balls, and professional instruction on all aspects of the game. We also give away free sets of clubs to our students that want to continue playing the game.

All classes are held at Newport Beach Golf Course. Class size is limited, please RSVP through our Class Schedule.

Treatment Programs

Our programs are very flexible, and we can shape our offering to best suit our clients’ current program schedule. We have a recurring set of 4 lessons that incorporate skills important to both golf and lasting sobriety:

For Treatment Programs
For Sober Livings

Sober Livings

In an effort to help people better enjoy their sobriety, we offer free sets of clubs to sober living homes across Orange County. We also provide marketing materials to direct residents to our Free Open Classes. If your sober living home is interested, please Contact Us.

Class Schedule


“I am writing this email to share my experience that I had during the golf outings I attended that were put on by The Back 9 Foundation. During these outings I got a chance to release stress while in treatment through learning more about the game of golf. Also, the game of golf has provided me with a sober hobby to continue after I finish treatment. I would recommend this program to anyone in a treatment facility looking for a positive outlet that could aide in their sobriety.” – Spencer H.

“Wow, what an experience with The Back 9 golf pros. I learned more in two hours than I learned in over 5 years. They have improved both my long and short game. All of us enjoyed the break away from clinical and group classes. Thanks much for a great time and a great afternoon.” – Bill B.

“Had a great time golfing, you instructors are great. I think what you’re doing is awesome for people in recovery. This gives us something to do instead of using, looking forward to more lessons. The nine holes we played were great and a huge blessing, thanks again.” – John W.

“I wanted to thank you for spending your time showing me the joys of golf. You gave me another reason for staying sober and another way to stay sober. Golf has so much to offer in terms of teachings of focusing and channeling energy of oneself into controlled action. Perhaps there should be a book The Art of Zen and Golf Maintenance/Mechanics. My sponsor was absolutely right in saying that I will truly learn the power of prayer on the golf course. It only took 7 holes for me to get down on my knees and pray, after hitting a put I quickly found myself on my knees praying for the ball to get into the hole. My first truly honest prayer. For that I thank you and the higher power!” - Sasha S.

“As it turns out, golf is an excellent form of mindfulness. Centering yourself within your body and allowing yourself to totally concentrate in the moment is a key feature of golf. In that sense, my mindfulness practice and my sobriety have been enhanced beautifully by golf. To give the newly sober alcoholic/addict the opportunity to learn the game of golf, a game that they can play their entire lives, and to provide them with a way to make sober friends and enjoy the game socially is a really important part of learning to love your sobriety. That’s why I support The Back 9 Foundation.” – Theresa W. Sobriety date: 10/7/1985

“I have been an active alcoholic for over 20 years never understanding the fundamentals of golf; it was more of a social event. I was there mostly for the drinking. Being sober, golf has helped me with self control and patience. Before every shot, I clear my mind, take a deep breath, and swing. After each shot I once again clear my thoughts, forcing me to concentrate on my next move. I am now able to practice the fundamentals in my everyday life, allowing me to clear my head, breathe, and take it one day at a time.” - Mike G.

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If you are a golfer, you probably have several old dusty clubs lying around.  We would happily bring them back to life and put them to good use!

If you would like more information on our organization, please email us at [email protected].  We are also accepting financial donations to help buy equipment, provide free open classes, and support our growth.  Click the link below to donate directly to our organization.